Mother’s Day Flowers – Sunday 8 May 2016

Mother Day is less than one month away. It goes without saying that mothers all cherish this day on which their children give them thanks for the great job that they do. Do you struggle to know how to show your Mum (or wife) how much you appreciate them for the job they do of raising you or your young children you share.

All mamas would love a bouquet of flowers this Mother’s Day. Celebrated on Sunday 8 May, we are happy to take orders to have a beautiful bouquet ready for your Mum. Alternatively, swing past our shop – YES, we are open on Sunday 8 May – and choose out a bunch for her then. Below is a brief description on some suitable blooms for your Mum this Mother’s Day.

Roses have been associated with mothers for many years. They are a popular choice as they symbolise love, grace, elegance and friendship. Lilacs and irises show affection and warmth. White and blues are popular choices for Mother Day for this particular bloom.

The exotic orchid is another exquisite choice of flower for a Mother’s Day bouquet. Lilies are a classic choice for Mother’s Day and we often add them to mixed bouquets to add depth and height. They come in a range of colours and bloom for a great length of time.

Consider your Mums favourite colour and get a mixed bouquet of some or all of the above. How perfect is that? The possibilities are endless.

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