2017 wedding flower trends we’ve picked up on

If you’re planning to order Wellington wedding flowers for a spring or summer ceremony in 2017, we’ve been ‘trendspotting’, and we’ve got bloom tips to boot! There are some quirky kinds of floral arrangements finding their way into the modern wedding. Today, we’ll spill on our favorite floral trends to consider for your own Wellington wedding decorations...

The rise of filler flowers

Minds and attitudes are being totally changed toward traditional ‘wedding flowers’. Brides are moving away from cliche blooms and opting to fill their floral Wedding bouquets and decorations with ‘filler flowers’ – AKA, the flowers that usually go in the gaps of your usual glam bouquet.

Sidekick blooms such as carnations, gypsophila and zinnias are becoming the stars of the show at the modern Wellington wedding. People are enjoying the refreshing shape and shade changes, and – as an added bonus – these blooms are a bit of a bargain for the budget-conscious bride.

Mute matters

With the rise of minimalism comes a shift in style essentials...which means ‘mutes’ are in! Muted tones (any colours that look very faded and soft) are easy on the eyes, and tend to transform your wedding photos into nostalgic vintage-like moments to remember. Muted tones can also benefit the more ‘natural’ bride, as their understated colours won’t borrow any attention from your beautiful hair, face or dress!

Greenery goes everywhere

Greenery can stand on its own – it only takes a talented Wellington florist to achieve a successful ‘all green’ wedding scene. Simple yet elegant arrangements of greenery along a table or lining the aisle can create a beautiful, fresh, forest-like atmosphere. Greenery such as ivy, eucalyptus and ferns are perfect for scattering hither and thither at your wedding, and they are extremely friendly on the eyes...and wallet!