4 brilliant blue hydrangeas to help you chase away the winter blues


Let's Dance Rhapsody Blue 

This party plant is a new breed with a gorgeous twist of colour! It’s florets are distinctively geometric in their shape and grow closely packed together, blossoming into vibrant morph heads rich in colour and blooms. This particular flower is famous for it’s exciting colour-change show, in which its hues shift from a blushing pink/purple to a romantic lavender blue.


Brilliant Blue Lacecap

The blooms of this dazzling ‘Bluebird’ blossom into a gorgeously coloured lacecap with rose-like serrated leaves. When it sheds its petals, the results look like glorious blue confetti strewn across the lawn (or your desk if you are given this beauty in a bouquet)!



Boasting large glossy green leaves and scattered snowy blooms, the Hadsburry is a garden favorite. Depending on the PH of your garden’s soil, they can produce either blue OR pink blooms! 


Classic Beauty 

Otherwise known as the ‘Nikko blue’, this flower happens to be the most famous and dazzling of the hydrangea breeds. Antiquely classic in it’s beauty and charm, you’ll see Nikko’s blooming brilliant blues in those classic country cottage gardens.

Where to buy

You can buy a bouquet online in Wellington filled with glorious hydrangeas today! Take a look at our Blue and Purple mix Flowers Bouquet and see how sweetly we arrange this classical favorite among complimentary soft pink roses and other cottage-garden-classics.