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Do you ever walk past a florist and take a second to admire the various blooming beauties? You probably stop yourself from spending if there isn’t an excuse for flowers: there aren’t any birthdays coming up, so maybe some other time then?

Well you don’t necessarily need a traditional excuse to send a sweet selection of flowers. You’re a grown man or woman – send flowers whenever and to whoever you want! If you do need a little motivation, here are a few excuses that we like to suggest for ordering flowers online in Wellington:

Sentimental flowers for your little sis

Is your little sister still trucking along through school or uni? Whether it’s her birthday or congratulations for an extra special achievement, you can be sure that a bouquet will be the perfect way to show her you care (without needing to be there)! Imagine the elation when her bouquet arrives and is presented to her in front of all her friends. This is an especially nice gesture if she happens to be a victim of bullying: it’s nice for her to be allowed a special moment like this: it will show those nasty kids that she is loved despite their negativity. 

A bouquet for the best mum in the world

When it comes to mum: when isn’tit a good time to send this amazing woman flowers? Don’t wait for a birthday for an excuse to order flowers in Wellington – flowers can brighten any mother’s day of the week! Has it been a long while since you last visited? Has she patiently sat with you on the phone for hours listening to you vent about your issues? Perhaps she hasn’t been feeling very well lately – maybe she’s lacking self-appreciation? A bouquet of colourful flowers could be the blooming boost she needs to keep up her hard work.


Spontaneous blooms for your beau

Boyfriends and husbands, take note: just because you’ve been with her for a while and have most likely already won her heart...this doesn’t mean that spontaneity is no longer applicable to your relationship. Your special lady loves to receive a bouquet as much as she did the first few times you dated...she might even appreciate the flowers more now, as it might have been a while since she enjoyed such a sweet surprise! 

Whatever the case, Flower Shop Florist has a fantastic selection of flowers in Wellington to choose from. Order your bouquet of flowers online in Wellington today and send a little floral love in the direction of your darling sister, mother or girlfriend/wife.