Anzac Day traditional, symbolic flowers and greenery and their meanings


This vivid red flower is universally known as the Anzac day bloom. Its bold petals make it a transcendent symbol of war remembrance, be this for those who have lost their lives or those who still serve. The reason for the poppy’s fame and significance is due to the fact that they were (and still are) the flowers which would grow on the battlefields after World War One ended.

This flower is traditionally worn in the lead up to Anzac day, and has a special place in many traditional Anzac day wreaths.

Rosemary (herb)

Have you ever noticed a sprig of rosemary in the pockets of any of the marching soldiers on Anzac day? This herb can be found growing wild on the peninsula of Gallipoli. Because of this, it has earned very special significance for Kiwis as a herb to help remember the fallen and their brave sacrifice.

Rosemary is a beautiful aromatic herb; the perfect piece to represent fidelity and remembrance.

Laurel Wreaths

The Laurel Wreath is a traditional tribute piece made specially for Anzac Day services in New Zealand. Laurel leaves and beautiful flowers and ribbons are woven in a circle, just as they were back in ancient Rome to crown and honor victors.

Flower Shop Florist Wellington can be relied upon to create beautiful hand-crafted Laurel Wreaths for remembrance of Anzac Day. We can create fresh laurel leaf teardrop chaplets along with standard round wreaths that are suitable for ANZAC Day wreath laying and memorial ceremonies.