Brighten any dreary day with a bouquet

With the wet-weather wariness brought upon our country by ex-cyclone Debbie, it appears as though the winter blues have kicked in a little earlier than we’d have liked.

When every window’s view is tinted grey, a little colour can really go a long way. Not to worry...we can help. The talented team at Flower Shop Florist are official day-brighteners – we can colour-up the grey in anyone’s life with a beautiful bouquet of blooms. Whether it’s a gift for someone else or you’re looking for a little colour in your own life, we’d like to chat about all things bouquet today:

Why flowers?

Thankfully, a storm cannot wash away the pigment in a petal. Come rain or shine, flowers will continue to bloom – even when thunder booms. Because of this, we can always rely upon flowers to bring the bold, bright, and beautiful colour we crave during a blue, dreary autumn day.

The brightest of the bunch

If you’re interested in buying a bouquet in Wellington, then you’ve come to the right place for colour! We’re a creative bunch, so we don’t just stop at floral arrangement. We add beautiful, bright ribbons and wraps to our bouquets, so each online flower order in Wellington is destined to dazzle in brilliant shades of...not grey.

Where to plant your petals

We defy you to find folk who wouldn’t be pleased to place a bunch of colourful flowers on their desk or windowsill. While the dark skies and sheets of rain pour on outside, you can enjoy your own personal pop of colour in a myriad of shapes, sizes and arrangements. Our orchid plant is perfect for that colour pop on an office desk, and they’re so low-maintenance that you won’t have to do a lot of fussing to satisfy this flower! If you’re in dire need of dazzling colour, our Colourful Bright Mix bouquet is a deluxe day brightener for sure.

Go ahead and bring a smile to someone’s face this autumn/winter. Chase away the blues with bold, brilliant hues from Flower Shop Florist!