Buttonhole Basics (Part 2)

Not Just for the Lads

An old tradition has recently returned here and there in modern weddings, and that is the gifting of a floral corsage (pin or wrist) to the mother of the bride or groom. The bottom line of giving this beautiful gift is that it is a kind, thoughtful, and very sweet sentiment of peace and goodwill toward your lady in-laws. It shows that you and your bride have not forgotten them in all the celebratory fray, and that you wish them to have a beautiful, precious memento to take home from your special day.

A buttonhole corsage can also be a budget-conscious bride or groom's dream when used as an alternative to the considerably more pricey option of a bridesmaid bouquet. Your bridesmaids can sport their sweet, colour-coordinated corsages on their wrists, or pinned to their dresses.  

A special keepsake

Many weddings feature a series of fancy florals that cost a pretty penny and look glorious, and yet they are left with little to take away at the end of their special event. Brides are often swept away on their honeymoons, and don’t manage to find the time to hang and dry their bouquet.

Our solution is small, simple and exquisite: preserving your groom’s buttonhole corsage. This beautiful little piece of floral finery is a perfect keepsake to take home after your special day. Easy to transport, dry and store, the buttonhole corsage is an excellent little souvenir that will serve as a reminder of your wonderful Wellington wedding for years to come.  

Incorporating your colour

All our aesthetic-obsessed brides will appreciate this feature! If your wedding needs to stick to a strict theme, then it can be beautifully incorporated in a buttonhole or wrist corsage. Elements such as burlap, lace, ribbon and your preferred type of greenery can be incorporated into your bridal party’s corsages. This is especially handy if you prefer to keep your party in neutral shades, while letting decorative details do the talking!