Common garden flowers that make incredible bouquets

When arranged in the right way by an expert Wellington Florist, your cute cottage-flowers and garden favorites can make truly stunning bouquets. If you're going for a cosy, intimate little simple-chic wedding, or perhaps looking to just brighten someone's day with blooms, we're here to tell you all about our fave 'common-turned-terrific' flowers! 

Start with Sweet Pea

Blooming in a garden near you, sweat pea are every bit as sweet as their name states! They bloom in a wide variety of pretty pinks, purples, and enchanting violet shades. Sweet pea flower in small bunches, making them a perfect choice for a round, full floral arrangement. They bloom on long stems that sit well in the hands of a bride or bridesmaid. 

Stop and smell the Freesia!

Have you ever walked past a flowering freesia and caught a whiff of their glorious scent? Freesia flowers smell truly divine; their sweet scent is often found starring as the 'floral note' in many feminine perfumes. If you want to send a gift that delights your loved one's senses both visually and through scent...go for freesias! 

For brides considering this bloom for their wedding bouquet, you'll be delighted to find that freesias also come in a glorious array of colours! They grow in an elegantly draping waterfall shape, making them perfect for tiered bouquets. 

Don't forget the Forget Me Nots! 

Tiny, delicate little forget me nots are just so adorable. While most brides will opt for baby's breath to fill their floral bouquet, you could dare to be different with this equally (if not more) sweet spray of elegant little flowers! Though famously featured in blue, forget me nots actually grow in shades of pink and purple too! These blooms are a beautiful, colourful pick for a full bouquet, and we'd love to see more brides sporting them down the aisle! 


Each of these flowers blooms in the spring, so if you're considering a Spring Wedding in Wellington then go ahead and get in touch with your Wellington Florist to secure these sweet flowers in your bouquet today!