Cozy up for a Mid Winter Christmas party!

We all love an excuse for a get together. Why wait another half of a year for Christmas when we can make the most of the chill with a cozy midwinter Christmas party? Midwinter Christmas may not be an official festival here in little New Zealand, but it’s such a fun way for friends, family and colleagues to warm up!

Break out the ‘ugly sweaters’ and deck the halls because today’s blog is going to get you in the kinda-Christmas spirit!


Setting the scene

When it comes to a midwinter Christmas party, you’ll need to remember that – being months away from December – your house is going to be the only establishment in town that’s actually set up for Christmas. Because of this, you’ll need to work extra hard to set the scene as soon as your guests enter your home.

With a midwinter Christmas party, you can choose two cozy variants of style: American/Canadian or European. Each has its own unique charm. The American/Canadian Christmas theme would be abundant with glittery baubles and jolly red Santa-inspired decor. The European Christmas theme, on the other hand, draws its inspiration directly from nature. Tables are adorned with fresh pine and pine cones, cinnamon quills and clean white candles. Whichever party decorations you prefer, you can’t go wrong when you incorporate green and red!


A special centerpiece

The metaphorical icing on your party cake is, of course, your centerpiece. When your guests gather around the table to enjoy their Christmas feast, it is the gloriously arranged centerpiece that truly transforms the dining room into a special party room.

Your Wellington florist can help you create the perfect Christmassy centerpiece. Using beautiful red and/or white blooms, we can create the perfect piece to sit in the spotlight and liven-up your table! Our clever team of florists in Wellington can come to your home and arrange beautiful Christmas-inspired flowers as table garlands, wreaths or glamorous candle-adorned centerpieces.


Whatever your party preference, we can bring you top-quality event flowers in Wellington! Our decorating flowers can brighten any event – from a summery kiwi Christmas, to a cozy winter-set Christmas, leave it to the team at Flower Shop Florist! Just get in touch to start planning your Christmas flower arrangements in Wellington today!