Do you know about your 'birth flower'?

While most of us go about finding, giving, and decorating with flowers inspired by colours, shapes and availability, there's a lesser known way in which we can 'pick' flowers (so to speak). Did you know that there are 12 special flowers that align with the month in which we were born? They're called our birth month flowers, and your Wellington florist is here to tell you a little more about these special traditional birthday blooms. 

Birth Flower Origins 

The concept of a birth flower for every month started in the Victorian era, when a noble woman named Lady Montague developed her famous Language of Flowers. This special flower language bestows special significant meanings of love and affection to an array of popular blooms. In a time where feelings weren't encouraged to be overly expressed, flowers were an excellent way to communicate affection without going 'overboard'.

So what's your birth flower? What is its meaning? 

January: Carnation (fascination, love and distinction).

February: Iris (chastity, faithfulness and humility).

March: Daffodil (innocence, angelic persona).

April: Sweet Pea or Daisy. Sweet Pea (pleasure, farewells) and daisy (purity, beauty, cheerfulness and innocence).

May: Lilies (sometimes more specifically Lily of the Valley, symbolising sweetness and humility).

June: Rose (professing love, unworthiness and inseparability).

July: Larkspur (fickleness, openness and joyfulness).

August: Gladiolus (love at first sight).

September: Aster (love, wisdom and faith).

October: Marigold (sorrow or sympathy).

November: Chrysanthemum (cheerfulness and love).

December: Narcissus (sweetness) or Poinsettia (love, Christmas spirit).


Would you be interested in incorporating your birth bloom in your Wellington wedding flowers? Perhaps you'd like to surprise your loved one by sending them a bouquet of their birth blooms as a special Wellington birthday flower surprise! Get in touch with the talented team at Flower Shop Florist to see if we have your birth blooms in stock today!