At the beginning of October, we delivered you a few floral tips to help you extend the life of your flowers this Spring. While a clean vase and fresh water are super important for those of us wanting the most from our flowers in Wellington, there is one other factor that plays a vital part in prolonging a bouquet: the stems.

Think of the stems of your flowers as the bloom’s vital straw: it sucks up precious water and nutrients and keeps those flowers chugging for as long as possible – as if they were still in the soil!

Healthy, well-maintained stems make for healthy flowers. For best results:

Just a trim 

Before a single flower is placed in water, we strongly recommend cutting off any leaves near the bottom and middle of the stem. If a leaf is submerged in water, it can start to decompose and contaminate your flower’s only food source! You can place the bouquet in your vase of choice and test where the leaves begin to meet the water. Your vase should be two thirds full, so if there are any drowners – they need to go!

Wilters need to go

Sometimes a bouquet can experience a few leafy casualties in transit, or in the process of getting each stem in the vase. If you spot any wilted leaves or tiny flowers amid your bouquet, then these will need to be snipped off immediately. Those leaves and tiny flowers are already on their way out, so don’t let them stick around soaking up precious nutrients: it’s survival of the fittest in the flower kingdom! 

Snipping the stem – the healthy way

Put down those scissors! Put down that flower! It is extremely important to regularly snip the stem as your bouquet ages, but there’s a trick to it, we promise. You’re going to be cutting an inch at a time each day (or every other day), you’ll want to submerge these stems in water as you snip. This avoids any unnecessary air getting to your freshly cut stem end, and gives the cut a healthy beginning for the day! Cut at a 45 degree angle to allow maximum water consumption for your flowers.

Keep an eye on our Wellington florists blog for more tips and tricks to ensure you are getting the most out of your flowers!