Foliage fillers: popular kinds of greenery for your wedding decoration

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Got a wedding coming up? Fancy flowers in the works? We all understand that flowers are the stars on display in any wedding arrangement or bouquet, but brides and grooms should really be giving more thought to the other major factor of their floral decorations...the greenery.

Decorative greenery makes up a major percentage of any wedding arrangement. It complements each beautiful bloom: their bold colours are framed by the rich, green contrast of their leafy friends. Green plants can also be arranged to create stylised shapes, which makes them perfect for long, flowing table arrangements or dramatic waterfall bouquets.

The three most popular kinds of green foliage you’ll see featured at a wedding are ivy, eucalyptus and ferns, which we’ll explore in today’s blog:


Ah, ivy...possibly the most fairytale-like type of foliage one could feature in any bridal arrangement, ivy does incredible things for any floral display. Ivy even holds its own quite nicely if you’d like sprigs of it decorating doorways or food tables. Ivy’s most popular appearance comes in long, romantic strands spilling out of tiered, draping or waterfall bouquets; your Wellington florist can work wonders with the long curly sprigs!

Good for: fairytale or forest-inspired weddings.


Eucalyptus has suddenly taken off in popularity, have you noticed?

The gorgeous bluey-green circular leaves of a eucalyptus plant are like little medallions stacked in a satisfying row along each branch. Eucalyptus is also wonderfully adaptable: you can have ‘suggestions’ of it here and there to add texture to a bouquet, or you could have an entire all-eucalyptus arrangement which looks absolutely stunning tied with a floaty ribbon as you let the natural hues and shape of its leaves stand out as the ‘main event’.

Good for: modern, classy, and/or  minimalist-styled weddings.


Ferns are so much fun to work with. As a florist in Wellington, we delight in a fern-framed floral arrangement. Ferns make beautiful backdrops to a bloom, as their wide, full shape acts as a canvas upon which to spotlight a flower. Because of their warmer green colour, ferns work wonders for warmer-themed weddings. Reds, oranges, yellows and pastel pinks look fantastic against the limey-green of a fern frond.

Good for: beachy weddings, ‘red’ themed weddings and large-scale centerpieces.

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