Happy First Day of Spring! Flowers for Wellington Wedding Season

Spring is a florist's favorite time of year! We've waited months for the sweet-smelling season that bursts with blooms. Spring is also universally known as 'wedding season', and Wellington weddings are due to be booked all over the show. We're looking forward to providing beautiful wedding flowers for all our blushing brides and grooms, and we've got a few season-specific flowers to suggest in case you're currently browsing blooms....

Pretty Spring Peonies

Peonies are possibly the most elegant flower out there (next to the classic rose). Their petals are reminiscent of ruffled skirts, and they come in a range of delightful pastel hues. Peonies are the perfect flower for the vintage-inspired bride. Their faded pastel creams, pinks and peaches make for pretty bouquets or displays at a rustic wedding celebration. Available in New Zealand from Labour Weekend onwards.

Tulips and Tulle

Tulips are a gorgeous, striking shape to feature at any Wellington wedding. If you're planning to celebrate a low-key style of wedding with simple gowns and decorations, you can afford to 'go nuts' on features such as flowers. The tulip is a strong, straight-standing bloom with powerful colours that pack a visual punch! You can get tulips in almost every colour of the rainbow, from almost-black to a yellow that gives the sun a run for its money! A simple, clean-cut bouquet of tulips will do wonders for your simple, classy Wellington wedding.

Feeling inspired? We can't wait to hear from you! Start chatting about your Wellington wedding flower ideas with our talented florists today.