Houseplants: the trend that’s taking over Wellington

As a Wellington online florist we appreciate plant-life in all its beautiful forms. While we adore the vibrancy of a bouquet, we also know that there is something truly special about the humble houseplant. Houseplants are becoming ever trendy – it’s no surprise that they keep popping up in Wellington cafes and eateries! They are not only aesthetically pleasing and generally pretty to behold, they also convert our dirty air into crispy clean oxygen…what’s not to love?

Caring for a houseplant is hardly any fuss either. In fact, the hardest part of owning a house plant is choosing one! Here are a few tips for you to try when maintaining your pretty indoor plant-buddy.

Plant positioning

Plants can be a little picky about where you place them. Some plants might appreciate the warm, hot, sunny situation of your kitchen while others may prefer the humidity of your bathroom. The trick is to simply read the label and abide by the recommendations.

Watering your houseplants
The worst thing people can do for their houseplants is over water them. It happens all the time, we become too generous to our sweet little green friends, but they aren’t asking for that much! This is an especially problematic plant issue in the winter as damp, sometimes freezing soil is the quickest way to kill your houseplants. Before watering, simply place a finger in your plants soil and feel for moisture. If everything is dry, you’re good to go with that water! Be sure to throw any pooling water out, otherwise your plant pal might drown.

Plant food

You might need to visit your local DIY store for this one. You’re going to want to get yourself a slow-release fertiliser you can either mix with water or let sit for long periods of time before it actually soaks in.  

To repot or not?

The tell tale sign of a plant in need of repotting would be seeing if the plant’s roots are growing out of or through the bottom of the pot. If the potting mix is drying too quickly, that’s your confirmation sign. Re-pot your plant during the warmer months to keep it from catching a plant-cold!

If you’re a plant person but you’re not ready for the commitment, you can always go for the bold, bright and beautiful option: order flowers online in Wellington from a florist. Flower Shop Florist has a beautiful range of online flower bouquets with the option of same day flower delivery. We also include little packets of plant food to increase the longevity of your lovely bouquet, so you can enjoy your beautiful, colourful flower composition as it continues to bloom for at a week!

From the Flower Fairy in Wellington, Kamini Soma