How to find out her favorite Valentines day flowers (without spoiling the surprise)

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Planning to order Valentines day flowers in Wellington for your special someone, but you have no idea what her favorite flowers are? If you want to make a good impression, a personalised Valentines bouquet of her favorite flowers will surely blow her away! 

However, in the process of asking her what her favorite flowers are, you'll give away the element of surprise that might have made her Valentines day that much more exciting. Thankfully, your Wellington florist knows the way to tactfully find out someone's favorite flower without spoiling the surprise. 

Here are our sneaky tips for finding out what her favorite flowers are in time for a Valentines day flower surprise: 

Take a sneaky peak at her Instagram or Pinterest boards

We say a lot about ourselves on social media, and our profiles can be a direct window offering insight into our personal taste. A simple investigation of your loved one's Instagram or Pinterest boards will be sure to inspire your Valentines day Wellington flower delivery choice. 

What you're looking for: colours she likes, and maybe even pictures of flowers that she has taken or pinned in the past. Some folks like to pin flower bouquets on a 'wedding' themed Pinterest board, so give that a look if you possibly can! 

Ask her for flower-picking 'help'

As your Valentine-to-be what flowers she would recommend sending someone as a birthday gift. You could say that this will be for your mum or sister, but secretly this is your sneaky way of finding out what her favorite blooms might be! She'll hopefully list off a few of her favorites, and then you'll have all the info you need to order Valentines day flowers online for Wellington delivery to your darling on February 14th! 

While you're at it, why don't you order a bouquet of flowers for your mum or sister? Birthday or not, a surprise bouquet delivery is a gift anyone would be truly touched by, and one of our beautiful bouquets will surely brighten their day! 

When in doubt

Red roses are the go-to for Wellington Valentines day flower deliveries, and their beautiful, bold blooms make a statement to any lucky lady they are sent to! No matter what flowers you decided to send her this Valentines day, the team at Flower Shop Florist have got you covered! 

Order Wellington flowers online in time for Valentines day, or stop by our store and chat to our lovely staff. We're here to help you share the love! 

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