How to handle a bouquet for great pictures on your wedding day

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Earlier this month we offered brides-to-be some helpful advice on how best to hold a bouquet on your wedding day. This week, we’re going to take a look at a few more helpful tips to ensure your flowers are working for you – not against you – to ensure our Wellington brides look picture-perfect on their special days!

To have and to hold – correctly

Nervous brides can tend to ‘clutch’ their bouquets when they pose for pictures. Two hands, a slight hunch and stiff shoulders can make for an awkward stance, and never flatter in photos. We recommend a more relaxed stance: try holding your bouquet one-handed and slightly away from your dress if you are able.

Remember that you are the star of this photo shoot, so you shouldn’t be hiding behind your flowers! They are a beautiful accessory, so use them to your advantage my gracefully draping them at your side – show off that beautiful dress! Oh, and don’t forget to relax those shoulders as you walk down the aisle!

A comfy bouquet for a day

There are some crazy big and bold bouquet styles to see all over the internet. Before you go saving a bunch of big bunches to your Pinterest boards, you should stop and consider the fact that a gargantuan pile of blooms might not be the best thing to be hanging on to all day long. A large or ‘spiky’ bouquet can be more of an annoyance than an asset to your aesthetic – especially if you constantly find yourself fussing with flowers throughout the day.

Talk to your Wellington florist about designing a bouquet that fits you comfortably, and is easy to shift and pose as needed.

A tip for photographers

Photographing a bouquet is a key moment in any wedding photoshoot, so you’ll want to make sure your blooms are ‘ready for their close-up’.

To arrange a beautiful bouquet shot, you could prop the flowers up on an ornamental chair. A rustic bouquet of pastel blooms would suit a weathered wooden chair, while a more modern bunch of bold flowers (perhaps with metallic paper) could be styled on a posh leather-look chair.  A shot of the bouquet laid luxuriously beside your wedding cake can also make for a winning picture!

If you are looking to order flowers for a Wellington wedding then look no further than Flower Shop Florist! You can pop into our store to browse our blooms, or check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for examples of bouquets we have designed for other Wellington brides!

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