How to Pick a Bouquet that Works for a Wedding

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Dress before blooms

Did you know that the shape of your bouquet can dramatically affect the appearance of your dress?

Brides often find themselves in an awkward situation where they go all-out on a detailed dress but still end up doing the same for their blooms, causing a conflict of detail attention! Photos of the bride and her bouquet are either ‘all flowers’ or ‘all dress’, and beautiful detailing in the bodice, skirt and hip area of the dress often gets eclipsed by big, bold blooms.

To get the better of this bad situation, we highly recommend bringing in pictures of your gown when you visit your florist to order your bouquet. Your florist will be able to offer expert suggestions as to how they will create a bouquet to compliment (and not overshadow) your dress. It’s all about balance, so try to be open to the potential of smaller, more subtle suggestions if you want photos with the perfect flower-to-dress ratio.

Bouquet size matters

Forgetting the matter of your bouquet potentially being too big and eclipsing your dress for just one moment, we encourage you to picture holding your bouquet beyond the walk down the aisle. You are going to be cradling that bunch of blooms for several if you’ve ordered big, are you sure you’re up for the challenge?

When to waterfall

Many brides love the romantic idea of the waterfall bouquet that spills greenery and flowers out like a flow of water. While this type of bouquet looks absolutely stunning, it’s also huge and extremely delicate.

If you’re expecting to do a lot of travelling on your special day (such as a short hike to your photo location) then you might like to go for a smaller ‘sportier model’. A more compact and tightly tied bouquet looks clean and beautiful while being extremely easy to manage!

If you have the convenience of venue and photo location being one in the same, then power to you! Go nuts with your bouquet because you don’t have far to go and you can lay the blooms down or hand them to a friend while you gather your dress as needed. Waterfall bouquets look best with tight-fitting clean-cut dresses that have minimal detail – if you opt for a simpler silhouette then you can let your blooms to the dramatic talking!


Colour is certainly the most important service your bouquet will be providing for you, as the blooms are meant to tie in your wedding’s colour pallet for you while you sport your nice clean white dress. Here’s where things get tricky (and sometimes disappointing) for brides ordering their bouquet.

So often a bride-to-be will spy a picture of a flower she wants for her bouquet, but that particular flower won’t be in season on or around her wedding day. Florists make magical bouquets, but unfortunately we aren’t real magicians! If a flower isn’t in season, we can’t force it to will blossom when they’re good and ready.

Save yourself disappointment and setbacks by doing a little online research to see exactly what flowers are in season around your special day, and pick a few that bloom in shades of ‘your wedding day’.

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