How to pose with flowers for a Wellington Wedding

Hey, we’re all thinking it. How do you pose naturally with a big bunch of brightly-coloured blooms for a day’s worth of photography? Those Pinterest brides make it look so easy, right? While there’s no official way to strike a pose with your posy, we can offer a little advice from our vast history and experience with flowers for Wellington brides…

The Sling

This pose is quite a neat one to strike, as it draws attention to the bouquet while hilighting the detailing in the back of your dress. Ask your photographer to capture you facing away from the camera – as if you’re walking away into the sunset – and sling your bouquet in a relaxed fashion over one shoulder.

Works best with: waterfall/trailing bouquet.


If the fear of holding your bouquet like an awkward ice cream cone is overwhelming you, try ‘owning’ that look with a full on face-covering posy pose! Lift your Wellington wedding flowers out and up to cover your face completely. Have your photographer position you in the midst of your ceremony scenery to capture the whole scene, with a quirky bouquet of flowers as the centre, and your dress and hair peeking out from behind. This makes for an awesome photo, and might provide a nice break for your face.

Works best with: a perfect round posey.

Rock-a-bye baby

This romantic pose works wonders in photos, and might tempt you to tote it ‘just so’ down the aisle! Practicing in a mirror first, try tucking your Wellington wedding bouquet comfortably into the nape of one arm (like holding a sleeping baby). The flowers should be spilling out luxuriously over your elbow, and the stems can either be held or tucked behind your wrist. You can cradle your flowers with both hands, or free up one hand to hold your loved ones.

Works best with: wildflower ‘messy’ bouquets.