Ladies love a Christmas Bouquet: Here's why...

Be it mums, sisters, grandmothers or girlfriends, every lady deserves a beautiful bouquet for Christmas. A Christmas bouquet is the gift that keeps on giving; flowers have a lot to offer, especially if your special lady is hosting a Christmas party this year! 

Got a Christmas decoration theme to tie into? We can help! 

Before you place an order for festive Christmas flowers in Wellington, go ahead and take note of how your special lady has done up her Christmas tree. What colour theme has she gone for this year? Is it a classic red, gold or silver tree, or perhaps something a bit more trendy like pastels or neons? 

Chat to the friendly staff at Flower Shop florist; we'll be able to arrange a bouquet according to the colours your special someone seems to favor for the festive season. 

A special centerpiece for her Christmas party 

If your special lady is hosting a Christmas party at her home, you can bet that your gift of Wellington flowers will be her beautiful centerpiece. She will proudly present them somewhere where her guests can enjoy the bouquet and offer compliments. They will look beautiful in pictures and perfect among her decorations. 

The element of surprise 

The best part of a Christmas bouquet is the wonderful element of surprise. No boxes in obvious shapes sitting under the tree; just a knock on the door and a beautiful, sweetly-scented surprise! What's not to like about ordering Christmas flowers in Wellington?