Christmas Flowers Kilbirnie Miramar Wellington NZ

Your staff have made it through another crazy year. There have been ups and downs, but now you've all got one special night to look forward to together as a team: the office Christmas party! Send everyone away for their well-deserved holidays with a magical, unforgettable night; adorned with stunning floral arrangements from your Wellington Florist: Flower Shop Florist.

Flowers at your corporate event show that you care

Much like sending a bouquet to someone special, decorating your corporate Christmas party with beautiful flowers is a beautiful way to 'make a fuss' of your team. 

Give everyone their Cinderella moment when they walk into a beautiful party room, decorated with stunning Christmas flowers. Your team will certainly feel appreciated, their 'plus ones' will be impressed by your company's tasteful decorating. 

As an added bonus, you'll leave everyone with a wonderful, positive night to remember their workplace by. Next year, your team will return for work with boosted moral and a renewed appreciation for their work. 

Thinking about putting an order in for your Office Christmas Party flowers? Here's where we recommend arranging them (pick the places that matter most to you): 

  • The entrance area to your event for a pop of pretty colour as folks walk in
  • Run flowers along the tables as beautiful centrepieces for guests to enjoy while eating and drinking
  • Greenery looks great arranged around your buffet table, especially ivy and rosemary for that extra lovely element of scent 
  • Small, beautifully-scented posies in the bathrooms to add a touch of elegance to all areas of the event.

If you'd like to book Flower Shop Florist to arrange the flowers for your Christmas event in Wellington, you'd better get booking quickly! Contact us ASAP, and get ready for an unforgettably beautiful party.