Making Hospital a Happier Place with ‘Get Well’ flowers

A delight for the senses

As we all know, a hospital room is a fairly uncomfortable, sterile environment. It can be rough spending a few hours in a hospital bed, but worse still would be days or weeks! For the unfortunate folk who find themselves in this position, the best we can do is make their environment a little more lovely.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers can truly transform a hospital room. Colourful blooms bunched together and surrounding a patient’s bed will make him or her feel as though they’re resting in a field of flowers. The sweet smell of fresh flowers and the delightful bright colours will be a welcome sight amid all the shiny hospital whites!

Far away friends and family

Accidents and illnesses happen absolutely anywhere, so when we can’t always be close to our recovering loved ones, we send flowers in our stead! Sending flowers from far away is a super sweet and speedy way to say you’re thinking about your bedridden family member or friend. As the beautiful flowers bloom, your loved one will be able to wake up with your good wishes to greet them in their otherwise empty hospital room.

Something to take for the transition

Transitioning back into a normal daily routine can be difficult for your recovering loved one. If they’ve just returned home from an extensive time in hospital, then they’ll still need love and support to see them through the rest of their recovery process. You can be there for your loved one by settling them back in at home with a cooked meal, a clean home, and a beautiful, welcoming bouquet of bright flowers sitting on their kitchen bench.

‘Welcome home’ flowers are a wonderful way to bring a smile to someone’s face, especially if they’ve been through a challenging recovery.


The team at Flowers Shop Florist can expertly arrange a beautiful bouquet for your sick or injured loved one. Simply get in touch to chat about your bouquet, or check our online catalogue. You can arrange to pick-up from our store, or have your booms delivered.