Modern Christmas Decorations You Can DIY With Flower Shop Florist

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Tired of the traditional Christmas tree? Keen to try something a little more modern (but still satisfyingly festive)? Good news: you’ve come to the right place!

Wellington florists love to dress their windows with festive flowers to mark this magical holiday season. We’ve become experts and trendsetters for those who seek less traditional and more creative decoration ideas.

We’ve made it even easier for you this year by supplying a few of the decoration pieces at our store so you can put together your own Wellington flower shop styled display! To achieve this, here are a few ideas you can try (and buy online) from our store:


Magical Sparkling Seed Lights

These can bedazzle just about anything when wrapped around and switched on, but we find that they look most magical when bunched up in a bowl, jar or vase. Oh and guess what...they’re waterproof! So you can dunk them in a vase of flowers and they’ll shine just as bright...maybe brighter!

You can buy beautiful wire seed lights in store or online. They come in five gorgeous shades: pure white, warm white, pink, blue and purple. 

For Christmas displays, we recommend either pure or warm white. To whip up an instant little corner of magic and charm, bunch your seed lights up in any one of our vases! We recommend a short, spherical vase for that ‘snow ball’ or ‘bauble’ effect.


Who needs Christmas trees when you have Manzanita trees!

A magical life-like white (or black) tree that twists and turns like something right out of a fairy tale! This tree is just begging to be adorned in a sparkling string of lights, or perhaps a few pretty petaled flowers placed here and there. These trees are tall enough to surround with a few small to medium sized gifts, but they look best standing tall and alone as a centerpiece on your beautiful Christmas table when it’s all decked out for lunch!


Have you got any Christmas decorating ideas to share with us?  Post them on our Facebook page and be sure to tag us (@flowershopflorist) so we can find and reshare them!

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