Monochromatic flowers for the fashion-forward bride

Today’s bouquet blog celebrates the structured, subtle, and altogether precise brides-to-be among us, as we explore the concept of a ‘monochrome’ bouquet.

We’re appealing to the ladies who know exactly what they want, and have an eye for order and all things aesthetically pleasing. At Flower Shop Florist in Wellington, we believe that a ‘monochromatic’ bouquet would be a perfect fit for this particular type of bride, and here’s why!

First, what is a monochromatic bouquet?

Simply put, a monochromatic (or mono-coloured) bouquets are a collection of flowers in one perfectly matched colour. Some brides don't mind a spot of greenery in their mix, but ultimately the overall look of the bunch should be a satisfyingly solid unit of matching colour. Monochromatic bouquets celebrate simplicity and elegance, and can often present a healthy challenge for a Wellington florist as we work to match different blooms to work as one shade.

What are the benefits of a monochromatic bouquet?

Forget tirelessly trying to match every colour in your bouquet to every decorative colour used for your wedding day – or vis versa – because a monochrome bouquet gives you total colour control! Make the multitude of blooms one perfect colour to match your chosen theme, or go full-monochrome by opting for an assortment of pure white blooms to match your bridal gown! This can look beautiful and striking, and shows up rather nicely in photographs.

Which flowers work best together in this arrangement?

Roses are usually a good place to start, closely followed by tulips and lilies, as they can come in a nice range of colours and sizes. You might like to stick with one single type of bloom, or you might like to experiment with different shapes – it’s amazing how creative folks can get with flowers despite being under strict colour restrictions.

Yes, this is exactly what I want for my Wellington Wedding!

Great! We’d love to help construct this stylishly structured bouquet for you! Simply get in touch with the talented team at Flower Shop Florist in Wellington and we’ll start brainstorming your bouquet right away. We can’t wait to mix your match of beautiful blooms to see you down the aisle to your groom.