New Zealand Christmas Lilies: available for delivery in Wellington

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The countdown is on for Christmas and if you haven’t shopped yet then relax, because we’ve got you covered with the perfect gift this year.

Snowy white and richly scented, Regal Lilies (or Christmas Lilies) bloom around Christmas time each year in New Zealand. These beautiful lilies bloom in luminescent star shapes amid forest-green leaves and stems and they look picture perfect in a bouquet!


Ordering In Wellington

Breathe. You have ten days until Christmas: it’s going to be okay! Order, pay and walk away while we worry about getting this elegant Christmas gift to your loved one (or ones)! As far as dates go, your cut-off day is the 23rd of December, so you’ll need to put your order in before then! These lilies last for weeks in a well-maintained vase of water,  so you can keep them until Christmas Day if you’d like to make the bouquet a surprise for that someone special.

Order Christmas Lilies online for delivery in Wellington from our online store. We deliver Christmas lilies in Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Porirua.  


The perfect table-topper

What’s a Christmas party without a beautiful festive centerpiece? Regal Christmas lilies make an absolutely gorgeous centerpiece on any table set for Christmas: they bloom like twinkling white stars and permeate a rich floral scent that has been said to smell sweeter and stronger in the evenings – perfect for Christmas dinner parties!

Christmas lilies are beautiful compliment traps. If you would like to make the lady of the house feel like a star herself as her guests enjoy the lilies, then these blooms cannot be beat!


Better than chocolate

There are enough treats up for consumption at your family Christmas party – don’t just get your loved one another box of chocolates! These lilies will last weeks longer than those chocolates us!


If you’re ready to order your Christmas flowers in Wellington then simply select which size you would like to send, enter your good Christmas wishes, and then head to the checkout to enter delivery and payment details.


It’s almost too easy.

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