Orchids that look like animals!

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Let’s go on a floral safari: spotting animalesque features in the ever-diverse blooms of elegant orchid flowers.


Monkey Orchid

Doesn’t he looks cheeky? This simian species of orchid is (accurately) named the Monkey Orchid. This species isn’t as common as we’d like for it to be: the tiny monkeys bloom in the cloud forests of southeastern Ecuador and Peru, growing comfortably thousands of metres up the sides of mountains!

The best part of this flower (aside from the fact it looks like a cheeky little monkey) is that it smells like a delicious juicy orange when it blooms. Yum!


Bee Orchid


It’s bee awareness month this month (September 2016), and what better way to celebrate than enjoying the wonders of a bee-shaped flower! This is the Bee Orchid: a bloom designed to look like a rather cute female bee perched on a pretty pink flower, in order to attract male bees into her bee-like blooming petals. Incredibly enough, this orchid even blooms with the fuzzy texture of a bee, and two tiny antennae! These orchids dwell mostly in England, Ireland and Wales.


The Flying Duck


 That’s right. An orchid that looks like a flying purple duck. Don’t you just love flowers? Such a funny little flower would, of course, grow in Australia – eastern and southern Australia to be exact. We can’t get enough of his little ducky bill! What an amazing flower.


The Holy Ghost Orchid (Dove Orchid)


 We’ve saved the best for last: just take a moment to let this one sink in. A beautiful luminous white bloom with a perfectly formed dove nestled in the middle – this is a flower is like a fantasy! Holy Ghost Orchids are the national flowers of Panama, but (unfortunately) they are at high risk of extinction. Trading these flowers is an extremely rewarding business and, for struggling families, finding this beautiful bloom can be a life-saving meal ticket. Such a precious flower!

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