Ordering flowers online to send from overseas to your loved ones in Welly

by Flower Shop Florist Wellington January 11, 2018 2 min read

Ordering flowers online to send from overseas to your loved ones in Welly

Big news can come suddenly and when we are least prepared for it. You never know when or where you could receive it. Finding out about the passing of a loved one, the celebration of a new baby, or the engagement of a dear friend might come through to you from overseas, or during a holiday. 

When this is the case (when we are unable to be there to mourn, comfort or celebrate with our friends and family) we have nature's most sincere communicator: flowers. 

Flowers for the grieving

One of the hardest things to accept in life is that we won't always be around for the passing of a loved one. We might be miles away during their last moments, and find out through messages and calls that we have sadly missed them. 

As funeral arrangements are being prepared, you might struggle to get the time off work or to afford a flight back home to comfort and commiserate with family and/or friends. 

To symbolise your thoughts and love to your loved ones in your absence, you can use the eternally beautiful symbol of flowers to express yourself dearly. 

We recommend white roses or lilies as sympathy blooms, as these are the most elegant while being the least cherry and vibrant than our other flowers. 

Flowers for new life

Babies are being born left, right and center among our friends and family. It can be hard to keep up with all the new little ones, especially when we can't make it to the happy new mum and dad's home to offer our congratulations! 

For new mothers, the most lovely flowers to receive are cherry, bright and pleasant to pose around their newly-nested homes. 

We recommend pretty pink-petaled flowers , and any warm shades of yellow, orange or coral.

Congrats to a couple 

Like babies, new engagements seem to pop up at least once a year too! If you find yourself over seas or up and down the country, you'll be no stranger to sending your regrets for not being able to make it engagement parties. 

Send your best wishes to the happy newly-engaged couple with a beautiful bouquet of our fan favorite: romantic red roses. 

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