Picking the perfect bouquet style to carry down the aisle

If you’ve reached the stage where you’re thinking flowers then a quick trip to Google Images or Pinterest might just overwhelm you! For the not-so-florally minded, all bouquets might look basically the same. We know you don’t want to sit down with your Wellington florist in any state of confusion, so get yourself schooled in the bloom department with this handy guide to bouquets for the up-and-coming bride...

Cascade Bouquet

Otherwise known as ‘the waterfall’, this arrangement pours dramatically out of the bride’s hands. Vines and romantically sweeping stems spill forth from the tied bouquet and hang gracefully in one’s hands. Our beautiful orchids are perfect for this particular bouquet, and we use fine fronds of beautiful greenery to decorate your bridal blooms.

This type of bouquet, being big, beautiful and dramatic, would suit a simple gown so as to not outshine the bride!

Posy/Round Bouquet

Cute as a button, these blooms are an adorable arrangement that’s conveniently-sized in a smaller, tighter shape. Tightly packed petaled beauties are tied together to form a neat circle/sphere shaped bouquet. Take your pick of our pretty posy bouquets – all of which are totally customisable with your choice of ribbons and blooms!

Pomander Bouquet

A less popular but nowhere less pretty breed of bouquet, the ‘pomander’ is arranged in a perfectly round sphere and hung from a romantic ribbon. You can suspend your pomander bouquet from a romantic rustic shepherd’s crook/hook along your aisle for a pretty wedding decoration. They also make a very pretty piece for flower girls to hold as they wander down the aisle on your special day.