‘Rather than roses’: alternate flowers for Valentines in Wellington

So you want to woo your loved one with something ‘a bit different’ this Valentines Day? Well you’ve come to the right place! Flower Shop Florist Wellington has a vast collection Valentines Day bouquets with various unique blooms to boot!

Here are a few ideas for a bunch of blooms you can buy him or her that aren’t your traditional red rose bouquet:

Lovely Lilies

Could there be a more glamourous flower? Lilies are big, bold and beautiful and they’ll keep blooming for days – even weeks – past Valentines.

Lilies come in a range of beautiful colours, and our florists are rather good at dressing them up in beautiful paper and complementary foliage. For Valentines, we recommend the Pink Lily Bouquet. You can send a mass bouquet of Scented Oriental Pink Lilies hand spiralled in an ‘all round bouquet’ style anywhere in the Greater Wellington Region, including Porirua and Hutt Valley.

Pretty Potted Orchids

“Have you ever seen an orchid; how it floats in the water, so delicate and beautiful? When a woman gets an orchid; it's, well she feels like she's floating on a cloud of infinite possibility.”
The Perfect Man (film)

Orchids are an elegant classic, and they make a special gift for the equally elegant lady in your life. Orchids are for the woman who’s been with you through thick and thin, and needs an extra-special flower to make this Valentine’s day especially special.

You can purchase a top grade white phalaenopsis orchid plant in a ceramic pot and finished off with an organza bow from Flower Shop Florist in Wellington online or in store!

We have plenty of other petal-covered pretty pink and red blooms to order online and ship in Wellington for Valentine’s day! You can take a look through our Wellington Valentines Day Flowers here.