Sunflowers (also known as the ‘smiling’ or ‘happy’ flowers) lift someone’s spirits more than any other flower on the market. Their bright, cherry petals and large, fuzzy brown stigma appear to smile at us like a brilliant beaming face.

Sunflowers are humble creatures. They borrow their name from the shining sun itself: their shape suggests a big round sun, and their petals it’s golden rays. Their scientific name (Helianthus) is equally sweet and simple, as it quite literally combines the two Greek words for sun and flower.

Entire fields of sunflowers seem to radiate warm light in the summer – if you ever see one, be sure to take a few pictures to share on our facebook page!

But can you eat it?

Sunflower seeds are delicious, packed with vitamins, and can be harvested from the flowers, and sunflower seed oil is a popular cooking ingredient.

Did you know...

Sunflowers come in several varieties ranging from the famously ginormous to the less-popular (but still beautiful) smaller variety. Did you know that sunflowers can sometimes grow in shades of red?

What Do Sunflowers Symbolise?

Sunflowers stand tall, and they also stand for many meanings (all of them positive). Adoration, loyalty and health are a few favorite associations of the flower, but ultimately they are known to represent happiness.

 Sunflowers will be in season soon! If you’d like to order a bouquet of Sunflowers in Wellington, then keep an eye out on our website for these bright beauties. Ordering flowers to be delivered in Wellington is easy with our website, and sunflowers should be your first choice if it’s a day-brightening bouquet you’re after!