Shopping for tulips in Wellington - Find out their colourful meanings!

With the exception of a few rainy ones, spring is definitely kicking in across the country now. With spring comes an array of the world’s most brilliantly colourful flower: tulips. Tulips are wildflowers that have travelled all around the world from their original home in Persia. They were so named for their resemblance in shape to turbans worn by the men in their mother country.

Because there are so many colours, we couldn’t possibly label all tulips with one unified meaning, so let’s take a look at the symbolism behind each individual colour in this Wellington florist’s blog post:

Pink Tulips

Tulips in shades of peach and pink symbolise care, and (platonic) love. Pink tulips also represent good wishes, which makes these blooms the perfect kind for a bouquet you’d like to send a friend or family member to wish them well and let them feel loved!

White Tulips

Unline white roses (usually a flower appropriate for funeral caskets), white tulips represent innocence, forgiveness and respect in addition to their shared meaning of purity. If you are looking for a bouquet in Wellington to offer someone as an apology, we recommend an arrangement of white tulips.

Purple Tulips

Things get more than a little posh with purple tulips. Purple is a colour historically associated with all things royal and luxurious, and purple tulips shouldn’t be treated any differently. A bride who wishes to feel like a royal queen on her wedding day might like to order a bouquet of purple tulips to take down the aisle.

Yellow Tulips

Naturally, any flower that blooms with yellow petals is going to remind us of happiness and sunshine. Yellow tulips are a vibrant friendly flower, making them the perfect table-topper for anyone who’s day you’d like to make.

Red Tulips

Just like roses, red tulips are the lover’s flower. Tulips bloom in a shade of red so rich it might even give roses a run for their money! Your loved one won’t say no to a deeply coloured bouquet of these brilliantly red babies.

Good news for anyone shopping online for flowers in Wellington: tulips are in season! It’s spring, so Flower Shop Florist are stocking sweet bouquets of tulips in a myriad of colours. Order yours online today!