Shortest day, Roses and birthday flowers at Flower Shop Wellington

Today is my Mum’s Birthday. She passed away to the deadly disease Cancer, brain tumours size of 3 cricket balls. Its been 14 years. People say it gets eaiser, but it gets harder and harder. I miss her more and more as time goes on and this year its hit me emotionally. I have surrounded the flower shop with lots of candles and beautiful flowers and want to reflect on good memories I have of my beautiful Mum. 

You only have one Mum and one Dad. They are the only ones who will always have your back no matter what. Tell them how much you love them daily even if you are fighting with them, put it all aside and say no matter what you love them endlessly. 

Flowers are a translation of personal messages, sad or happy. flowers for funerals or reflecting on someome who passed away help the person reflect and translates a feeling no words can express. Tribute flowers at a funeral help show a circle of life as the flower blooms, opens and lives its life to its fullest and then sadly die. 

I have met some clients yesterday who are sending flowers to family who are reflecting on their family member’s death anniversary and are inviting close family and friends to get together, cry and share golden memories. 

On another note, we are still working on more flower product images and it just takes so much time editing and getting them up on the website. We are nearly there! 

We plan to open our flower shop again on Saturday’s early July as we have found more florists to join our flower shop team and are willing to work on Saturday, so this is exciting for flower shop and for our local customers in Kilbirnie wanting beautiful flowers! 

I hope to blog again in the next days of our florist life. 

Peace, love and flowers, 

Kamini X