Support your local: Buying Christmas flowers for your loved one

As pretty Christmas lights start popping up all over the show, and every store seems to be playing holiday tunes on repeat, it's certainly beginning to feel a lot like shopping season! It's almost impossible to walk into a store without being inundated with costly gift suggestions.

While candles, chocolates and cosmetics are nice in their own ways, we believe that a bouquet creates a moment; a memory that your loved one will cherish for Christmases to come. 

Saying 'Merry Christmas' in a special way with a Christmas Bouquet

Ordering Christmas Flowers from a local Wellington florist does a world of good. Your loved one will receive a special, memorable gift, and your purchase supports the economy in your local community. 

More to choose from during December 

The warmer weather opens up opportunity for a beautifully big range of blooms that your local Wellington florist can source for you! Flowers are generally shy in the winter, so late Spring and early Summer are the best time to shop for blooms! The sensationally popular peony is available during most of December, but you'll need to be in quick to order a bouquet of those before they're out of season! 


Send some floral Christmas cheer to your friends and family in and around Wellington, New Zealand. Enjoy same day flower delivery service, right up until the end of Christmas eve. You can afford to be a little late on this one, so set up a 'not to self' for calling Flower Shop Florist and make sure your loved one gets a beautiful bouquet in time for Christmas Day!