The Lovely Lily (our fan-favorite flowers in Wellington)

Currently the most popular of our Wellington flowers, Lilies are a beautiful choice for gift bouquet buyers and brides alike. Intricate and impressive in both shape and colour, a lily will be sure to wow anyone who beholds it. You can enjoy a bouquet of lilies, or add one to your hair for a floral decoration! 

With ball season underway, you might like to consider lilies for a dramatic corsage or a decorative addition to your stylish up-do. 

Today we'll take a little look at the romantic history of lily flowers; our shoppers prized pick. 

A history of Lilies: how the flower became a bouquet and bridal

Associated with brides, Easter, and a risqué Greek myth, lilies are stunning flowers which have grabbed people’s attention for millennia. The Greek goddess of marriages and motherhood, Hera, was said to be the source of the soft and sweet-smelling flowers.

Legend told that the white calla lilies sprung up from lost drops of the goddess’ breast milk.

Later, the Romans said that Venus, their goddess of beauty, looked at the pure white flowers and was so jealous she made the yellow pistil grow from the flower’s centre just to tarnish the look. Venus’ efforts weren’t enough however and Roman brides were often given lilies to weave into crowns to wear on their wedding days in hopes that the flowers would bring about a pure and fruitful life.

China lilies have also been traditionally used in weddings, where they are tied to a century of love and good luck.  From ancient Greece to Wellington in 2017, these bright and beautiful flowers have remained popular at weddings, and will bring elegance to any bridal bouquet.