Tips to extend the life of your boquet

If you’ve been lucky enough to receive a bouquet of gorgeous flowers in Wellington, then chances are you’ll be looking to see those beauties last as long as possible! To do so, you’ll need to offer your blooms a little TLC, but the rewards of seeing your flowers bloom for (sometimes) up to two weeks will be well worth the extra effort here and there.

Here are a few floral housekeeping rules to see your bouquet thrive well past the third day! 

Avoid the windowsill

Photosynthesis stops once your flowers have been picked, so placing them in direct sunlight is – unfortunately– going to do them more harm than good! Sure, they might just look positively luminescent on your windowsill, but that sun is only speeding up the wilting process. If you keep your flowers on a windowsill, they’ll have three good days most.

Keep the vase sanitary

Just like your usual kitchen health and safety routine, don’t cross-contaminate! If you swap an old bouquet with a new one in the same vase without first washing it, then you’re only asking for trouble! Bacteria that break down your plant life have grown in that old bouquet’s water, so give your new bouquet a fresh head start with a freshly washed jar of clean water.

Avoid the aircon

Flowers are fans of warm, humid air. The air that is emitted from your air conditioning or heat pump unit is going to dry and wilt your blooms faster than you can say “but I just got ‘em!”

Keep an eye out for the second part of this article later this month, where we explore a few more ways in which you can extend the life of your bouquet!