Top 3 underrated flowers for a unique bouquet


So before you go dismissing these bold and beautiful plus-sized daisies, take a little time to consider how truly beautiful they look blooming in a bouquet. Gerberas shine brightest in the summer: their vibrant pigment looks picture perfect nestled between more subtle flowers. You could consider them the boost of colour and balance that your bouquet needs for an animated floral composition. Gerberas are a very clean and comfortable flower, too. You’ll find them easy to grip and they aren’t going to be wilting on you halfway through your ceremony.


So they might not be as famously favoured as your classic long-stemmed rose, but Chrysanthemums have long been revered as the most glamorous and beautiful bloom in Chinese culture. Beautifully depicted drawings and paintings of these frilly flowers can be found in many Chinese homes – two thousand years back they were considered a noble bloom among China’s royalty. “Mums”, as they are affectionately known, come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Your chances of finding these blooms in a colour that will work with your wedding scheme are high, and they look absolutely stunning in bouquets or decorative arrangements on your tables and chairs.


If you’re looking for a little drama in your bouquet...opt for Dahlias. You won’t be sorry! Dahlias might lack in the fragrance department, but their deep, richly coloured petals are eye catching explosions in any floral arrangement. Frilly splashes and stripes of colour bring any bouquet up a notch, so this is definitely the flower for the fashion-forward bride. Like the Gerbera, these blooms grow upon long strong stems that are sturdy and comfortable to hold. Dahlias look beautiful solo or paired with pretty petal-covered friends.