‘Tulip Mania!’ Why you should buy Tulips in Wellington

Of the great many flowers to grace our bouquets, tulips have always been among the most popular. They are immediately identifiable and associated with ‘perfect love.’ While these beautiful bursting bulbs are grown throughout the world today, the plant is thought to have come from Persia and Turkey centuries ago.

The tulip played an important part in the culture of the time, it was once Turkish tradition to wear tulips in one’s turban. This may well be where they get their English name, ‘tulip’ coming from the Persian word for turban.

Once the flowers reached Europe they quickly gained popularity, especially in the Netherlands. By the seventeenth century, the phenomenon dubbed ‘Tulip mania’ took over and tulips were so highly prized that prices soared, and bulbs themselves were used as currency throughout the Netherlands until the market crashed.

One famous florist even wrote that it had gotten so bad that his garden was regularly raided during the night and his tulip bulbs stolen! To this day varieties of the flower are still known as ‘Dutch Tulips’, and are available in Wellington for online flower delivery.

Bold in colour, Tulips make for an eye-catching (and dress-matching) button hole or corsage for school ball flowers. Being ball season in Wellington, you might want to check in at Flower Shop Florist for your corsage and button hole flowers before your special night!