Valentines day flowers: not just for your 'special someone'

While we can easily get swept up in the sweet-toothed romance of Valentines day, let's spare a thought for singles! 

We've all been there. Valentines day comes around and we sit back, watching our friends, family members, flatmates or colleagues receive beautiful cards, choccies and flowers in Wellington. Hey, power to them! But boy is it a little dampening on the day to go without a little taste of that Valentines sweetness...

At Flowershop Florist, we believe everyone deserves to be delighted on Valentines day, and what better way to do that than sending bright, beautiful, friendly flowers?

Less 'romantic' flowers to choose from

Because you're sending this bouquet in Wellington as a symbol of friendship and kind thoughts, you're most likely not too fussed about the more romantic blooms that we have on offer. 

For friends, family, and celebration-worthy singles among us, we suggest bright, beautiful blooms with uplifting colours and shapes. Corals, yellows, oranges, purples and pinks are all charming hues to work with when sending friendly Valentines Day flowers in Wellington. 

Lillies, gerberas and tulips are terrific options for friends and family, as they come in a range of happy colours and look beautiful for weeks on a desk or table!  

Flowers: no fuss, but so much fun! 

When sending flowers in Wellington on Valentines day, you're achieving maximum delight with minimum fuss. Whoever is lucky enough to receive your surprise bouquet will have their day completely made; all you had to do to help this happen was make an online order!  

You can order flowers online for Valentines day delivery to anyone in Wellington through our website. Arrange for your Wellington flower delivery to be sent to friends and family members while they're at work, school or home with a special message of appreciation. Maybe even a cheeky joke? It's completely up to you, as this gift isn't restricted to romance.

Turn a lonely 'love day' into one filled with friendship and kindness with Flowershop Florist!

Order your Valentines Day Flowers to surprise your friends and family today! 

Browse our online catalog and 'pick' the best bunch of flowers you'd like delivered in Wellington this February 14th. We're sure that whoever is lucky enough to receive your sweet Valentines Day gesture of Flowers and friendship will go home feeling very special. 

More special, perhaps, than a partner, boyfriend or girlfriend who might have been expecting a romantic gesture!