Wellington Online Florist: the benefits of buying online

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Secret safe

Anyone with the intention of surprising their loved one with a bouquet they plan to buy in-store should safely assume that they’re in for a challenge...especially if you happen live with the recipient!

You can secure a sense of mystery by shopping online for flowers in Wellington. This way, you won’t have to find a way to sneak off from your special someone while you hurriedly select a bouquet. You also won’t be stuck in the situation some customers find themselves in where they are forced to hide their surprise bouquet in the garage or the car until the following morning of their loved one’s birthday or anniversary.

By ordering from a Wellington online florist, your secret safe and ready to give your special someone a surprise – no stress attached!

Transportation trauma

Wanting to walk through the door with a fresh bunch of flowers in hand, ready to surprise your special someone? The last thing anyone wants at the end of a hard working day is to cart a huge bouquet of stunning – yet extremely delicate - flowers across town and all the way home. You’d be surprised by how many men were carting their blooms on the bus this week for Valentine’s day!

Flowers are at risk of damage if they have to survive a car trip or a commute home. You can save yourself the stress and excuses when presenting your bouquet by arranging an online order and delivery. Ordering flowers online for delivery in Wellington means that your blooms will show up safely sent and fresh from the florist.

Take your time

While some might appreciate being able to walk into a store and get a feel for the flowers that they are buying, we find that our customers tend to rush the process a little more than they would had they ordered online. Standing in a shop during the opening hours feels like you’ve got a ticking clock that’s rushing your decision, whereas online shopping can be done from the comfort of your home computer or cellphone.

You can calmly browse through our extensive selection and take your time choosing the blooms that you feel are truly the best. Oh, and better still: you can order your bouquet at crazy hours! Why rush the process for such a special and sweet gift? Don’t floor it to your Wellington florist after a hard work day. Instead, get home, relax and unwind and then whip open your phone later to order your flowers online. We’ll get working on them in the morning when our freshest flowers come flooding in the store!

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