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Not last. Not least.

Whatever you do...don’t go running to your florist at the last minute! Have you not heard the saying ‘you can’t rush art’? Arranging the perfect petaled displays of flowers for your special day isn’t something one can simply whip up over night...especially if the bride has high expectations for her blooms (and that happens more often than we can say).

If at all possible, BEGIN with your flower booking so that your florist can be sure that the appropriate amount of blooms are available and ready to arranged right on schedule.

Floral flexibility

All vendors, florists included, want to work as hard as we can to insure your special day is everything you want it to be...but we can’t work miracles. Sometimes a bride will get her heart set on a specific flower, but her wedding date will fall upon a time in which that particular flower is out of season. Flowers are temperamental creatures. They’ll show up when they’re ready, and not when we need or want them. That’s just nature!  

Save yourself the heartbreak of finding out your fave flowers won’t be in season by doing a little research prior to your meeting with your florist.

Starting indifferent, finishing picky

We’re pretty sure this one goes for ANY form of customer service. Basically, if you start your exchange with your vendor acting undecided, uncaring and indifferent...then your vendor will eventually have to start making some calls for you to ensure that your floral displays are beautiful and reflective of the store’s previous quality.

Your florist will assume you’re happy to give them creative freedom to bring you a beautiful display. However, if you suddenly decide to get picky at the last minute – if the flowers don’t look the way youactually wanted them all along – then you need to understand that this is nobody’s fault but your own!

At Flower Shop Florist in Wellington, we understand that brides to be have a lot on their minds. Communicate your thoughts with us – your likes and dislikes – so we can insure you get exactly what you want from your floral displays and bouquets.