What's in a rose: the colourful message behind each rose

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Have you ever purchased someone the wrong rose colour when ordering through online flower delivery? Would you know if you had? Flower Shop Florist Wellington are the Wellington online flower delivery experts, and we’ll be sure to have you in the know with coloured roses by the end of this blog post!

Next time you’re shopping at your Wellington florist, keep these rose colours and their individual meanings in mind before you buy: 

Red Roses

Ah, red roses. The classic symbol of love, passion and beauty, red roses will forever be considered the embodiment of romance. With such a rose, the message you send is – of course – “I love you”. You can say it with an entire bouquet or just one single flower (just hold the black ribbon, lest your appear too much like the Phantom of the Opera when wooing your beau).

Pink/Peach Roses

Bubbly, bright, and downright beautiful. Pink or peach roses are certainly the most versatile of the colours when it comes to gift giving. Your local Wellington flower shop would suggest pink and peach rose arrangements for congratulations and admirations. New babies, promotions, birthdays, mother’s day, you name it – these roses deliver bright, beautiful best wishes. Pink and peach roses say a big enthusiastic “Hello, beautiful!” along with your best wishes and congratulations.

White Roses

Like the colour white itself, these roses suggest purity and new beginnings, which is why they are so often used in bridal bouquets and other such floral wedding arrangements. White roses possess a subtle beauty without being too ‘loud’ and bright. White roses can also double as the most appropriate of colours to send for formal and even sombre occasions to let your recipient know you are “thinking of them”.

Dark red/black Roses

For a more theatrical alternative to the classic red rose, couples have gravitated towards the dark, mysterious black/red rose when seeking to send a message of love. With their ombre petals and contrasting colouration, these dark roses are a visual delight for anyone with an eye for the artistic. Their message might be “I love you, because you are unique.” They are also an exceptionally romantic winter flower.

Yellow Rose

Traditionally the “get well soon!” bloom, yellow roses are a sunny way to send someone a smile-inspiring message. Yellow roses bright up a room like no other flower, making them the perfect ‘eye candy’ for a hospital room or retirement home. Yellow roses are also the perfect friendly flower with which to thank a friend or wish them happiness without appearing passionate or romantic (while still maintaining an element of warmth and sentimentality).

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