Why camellias are actually so cool, and perfect for Wellington Weddings

Underestimated, underappreciated and totally unique, camellias have been begging for the bouquet spotlight for too long! Time to turf traditions and embrace this petal-rich beauty in your bridal bouquet: we’re spotlighting the humble – yet strikingly beautiful – camellia flower today.

Wait, isn’t that just a generic garden flower?

It is, right up until your talented Wellington Florist gets their hands on a bunch! Camellias chill out in your gardens adding a sweet pop of colour amid all the greenery, but bunch them together in a romantic gradient of colour and ribbon and you’ll see them transform into a totally different bloom. Camellia bouquets look especially beautiful  in pastel shades spilling out softly in a cascading bouquet.

The benefits of using camellias in a Wellington bridal bouquet

Camellias are available all year long – lucky for you Wellington brides! They’re also a lot cheaper than your traditional roses, lilies, orchids and peonies, so you can save a little toward other wedding expenses (or...just order an even bigger bouquet of course).

Camellias are also extremely sturdy, so they’ll hold their own during those long, grueling wedding photoshoots and will see you all the way down the aisle effortlessly.

Special symbolic significance in Asian culture

For the Japanese the camellia flower – or Tsubaki – symbolizes the divine, and is often used in religious ceremonies. It also represents the coming of spring, which is something we gladly welcome here in New Zealand! Over in Korea, camellias flowers are more thematically represented as symbols of faithfulness and longevity.

Does the camellia flower sound like the sort you’d like to feature in your Wellington wedding bouquet? Get in contact with the talented team at Flower Shop Florist Wellington today to start blooming your beautiful bouquet design ideas!