Why 'flowers for no reason' are the most romantic flowers of all

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Who comes to mind when you hear the words 'your special someone'? Is it your husband, wife, boyfriend or girfriend? Your partner? Perhaps your mum, nana, sister or Aunty? A secret crush could also come to mind. 

Whoever it is, you know that this 'special someone' is important to you, and there's no better way to express your feelings for them than a little sweet spontaneity.

Cue the cutest concept known to humankind: 'flowers for no reason'. 

Psst: the truth is, there's always a reason! 

Of course there's a real reason behind sending flowers for 'no reason'; you want to make that special person's day a little brighter...or a lot brighter, depending on your bouquet! The cuteness and sweetness of the gesture is conveyed through the idea of the effort being made, even when it isn't a special occasion upon which your special someone would expect gifts. Your effort to surprise them will mean so much on a day other than the usual flower-giving holidays. 

The message that you're saying with your spontaneous surprise

When you send someone a bunch of flowers 'just because', you're telling them that they're worth a bouquet any average day. You don't need an excuse to do something special for them; you'll make a fuss because they're worth it to you. 

Sending surprise flowers in Wellington is a wonderful way to make someone feel like they mean a lot to you. They'll be encourage, knowing that even on average days they are noticed and worthy of a fuss being made.

If you want to order flowers online in Wellington to be sent as a surprise to your special someone, get in touch with the talented team at Flower Shop Florist today! And don't forget to leave a special message on the card with your bouquet! That'll really make someone's day. 


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