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Single Peach Avalanche Rose flower bloom bouquet


Single gift wrapped Peach Avalanche Rose

"Peach Avalanche Rose" New Zealand grown, teamed up with an array of complimentary fresh New Zealand grown greenery and rose. 

The perfect little gift to send your personal message for any occasion, happy or sad. Suitable for all occasions. 

Enter your personal message then simply head on out to checkout. 

The flower stems and greenery are wrapped in a bit of water for transit and the duration of up to 24 hours. It's up to the recipient to unwrap the bottom of the bag and place in vase. Unless you have purchased a vase to go with it, we will arrange it in the vase so the recipient doesn't need to look for a vase upon arrival. 

Suitable for presentation on stage for shows and performances to say congratulations or well done presents.