Funeral sympathy flowers in Wellington

Order funeral flowers online or call us for a custom order

Our funeral florist specialist in Wellington can create a personalised floral piece to farewell your loved one.

Send your thoughts at a moment’s notice, thanks to our sympathy flowers. We offer several funeral flower arrangements, from simple casket sprays to formal wreaths, in order to respect your preferences and the family wishes. For the coffin flowers, we prepare beautifully designed floral sprays as well as cross or heart shaped arrangements.

Flower Shop Florist has a large range of posies, wreaths, hand-tied sheaves and hearts, but as a funeral florist we can of course customise your order to make sure it reflects your loved one.

Our bereavement flowers can also be delivered to local funeral homes of the Wellington region.

Same day delivery anywhere in Wellington, Lower Hutt and Porirua city and surrounding suburbs of the greater Wellington Region when you place your order by or before 3pm Monday to Friday for same day flower delivery service.

Order online or contact us for a personalised custom made floral arrangement.