Wellington funeral home flowers, wreaths, casket spray

Order and send funeral tribute flowers online in Wellington city region

Sympathy casket spray flowers or wreaths from Flower Shop Florist in Wellington will take care of personal flower preferences and colour choices and create a personal floral tribute for your loved one. We can contact the local funeral home in Wellington and arrange proper delivery. Let Flower Shop Florist Wellington handle the arrangements for you. 

Casket spray flowers are normally chosen by the immediate family of the decease. Wreaths are a formal tribute to a close loved one or can be used in remembrance and funeral sheafs which we don't have pictured yet, but can create one by simply calling us is also suitable for extended family and friends to send your loving thoughts to the funeral from over seas or out of Wellington of if you simply cant make it for any reason you may have.

Here is a list of local funeral homes where our florist can deliver casket spray flowers and funeral floral tributes to in the Wellington area:

  • Lychgate Funeral Home: CNR Willis & Aro St, Aro Valley, Wellington
  • The Wilson Funeral Home: 142 Karori Rd, Karori, Wellington
  • Harbour City Funeral Home: 56 Onepu Rd, Kilbirnie, Wellington
  • The Wilson Funeral Home: 375 Adelaide Rd, Newtown, Wellington

If you require a Sunday funeral delivery please call the florist by Saturday 12pm.

You may call us or you can write us an email and arrange a time to come in and we will listen and guide you in what flowers you are wanting to reflect your loss of your loved one. Or simply email your funeral flower order request and we will help you in choosing the best appropriate flowers and designs.