Button Hole flower for boys school ball Wellington NZ

Button Hole for School Ball Boys for Proms in Wellington

Please allow 48 hours notice on button holesĀ as we hand make these on the spot 24 hours ahead of time. We suggest collecting it on the day of the event.Ā 

Fresh Flowers in either orchids, Roses, or Gerberas with other fine foliage are beautifully arranged to suit the boysĀ suit.

Please select what colour you wish either salmon-pink, white, orange, purple, red or yellow and if you wish for further customisation then please state it in furtherĀ in the message box below.

Each button hole is arranged with fresh blooms and greenery with wire and tape arranged on a badge like pinĀ (so it sits firmly and flat on the lapel of the suit) with a Ā arranged by our florists by hand 24 hours before pick up or delivery time.Ā 

The button holeĀ is then packed ready for you to collect at the time arranged or delivered.

For collection/pick up from our florist shop, please call us on 043878950 to arrange availability and pick up time or state below in the message to us.Ā 

No order is confirmed until we email you back in writing, this is so we make sure we only take what we can create in the time frame we have for all bookings. We highly recommend you book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.